When I’m old, Northerners can wipe my bum

I think the Metropolitician wrote about how North Koreans would fare should unification take place.  Alright, many have discussed the subject, but the Metropolitician described how they would be valued. South Koreans would be first class citizens, followed by North Korean women with North Korean men on the bottom.  Sadly, I cannot find the article on his blog.

The Times describes today what use North Koreans could be put to, after unification:

South Korea should seek ways to use the North’s working population as part of efforts to prepare for the rapid aging of the South’s population, a local private think tank said Sunday.

The article goes on to suggest North Koreans would be capable of light industrial work, and not specifically to care for the aged.

Will the Northern lady-folk be more valued?

There will be one more synergistic effect if both Koreas cooperate in the population policy. In 2008, there were 100.9 men per 100 women in the South, while there were 97.2 men per 100 women in the North, the report said. However, when calculating the population of both Koreas, there were 99.7 men per 100 women.

It seems to me that this paragraph says yes.

The sooner unification comes the better.  That may be true from a purely financial standpoint, but also in beginning the process of accepting the humans and treating both sides as equals.



2 Responses to “When I’m old, Northerners can wipe my bum”

  1. pakalakamino Says:

    I disagree. I think the sooner unification occurs. The opposite will happen in terms of economic/financial stand point. And most definitely the social and political ramifications won’t be much better.

  2. surprisesaplenty Says:

    I’m fairly ignorant, financially speaking, but my understanding is that the price of unification increases greatly with each passing year. If North Korea were, in the future, to get to it’s economic feet, it would have no reason for unification, after all.

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