Teach paperless for Earth Day

It’s a long way off yet (April 22),  but tomorrow I will be planning my semester so its time to plan how and what I am doing for Earthday.

At the blog, Teach Paperless (author anonymous), I found some information on the subject.  That blogger uses student blogs as notebooks and, well, enough other things to convince him/her to set up a blog.

I am not sure if using a computer and other devices, particularly including a projector, will put less stress on the environment than using paper.  Further, students have already bought their books – I suppose I can tell the students to leave them at home so that added mass won’t be carried up the mountain my university is situated upon.

Still, I am also interested in using technology in the classroom, so I am likely to have a paperless day for that reason alone.

Of course, I am not so blinkered that I think ‘paperless’= ‘computers’.  We can do other things, without using computers or paper.  I will have to think about this further.  Well, I have time.


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2 Responses to “Teach paperless for Earth Day”

  1. Kim_Office_Team Says:

    Technology in the classroom is a great way to help educate your students on the do’s and don’ts of the web, which of course is extremely important. If you want some more ideas about how to help your classroom go paperless, I encourage you to read this article about how one teacher helped her classroom go paperless; it’s not as hard as it seems: http://ask.officelive.com/workspace/blogs/workspace_team/archive/2009/03/18/using-workspace-to-create-a-quot-paperless-quot-environment.aspx

    Hope this is helpful for you, and of course there are plenty more resources about tools you can encourage your students to use to increase their web savvy at that website.

    Microsoft Office Live Outreach

  2. pakalakamino Says:

    I found that my students benefited from the use of online websites that I made for them. But as you know, it takes a lot of maintenance.

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