This blog needs some photos!

These first two pictures were taken at a dinosaur museum on highway 7, just north of Pohang.  I don’t know if it is worth going there just for the museum, but it made a nice break to a long trip.  The little guy was very well behaved in the car for the seven-odd hours from Sokcho to Busan and deserved the break.  Of course, if he had been bad, we would have needed the break to let us all stretch out and relax so I guess there was no way we wouldn’t have stopped.
There’s a dinosaur behind me!

IAG thinks this is realistic!

We stayed with relatives in Kimhae while we looked for an apartment.  My son’s Korean name is “Dae-seong”, so we just about had to visit Dae-seong dong Tombs Museum.

Near our home and my wife’s workplace is Moleundae.  It was an island you could wade to at the mouth of the Nakdong River, but river silt eventually formed a bridge.  It is a pleasant green spot in a very industrial part of Busan.  I want to see more of it.

an ‘island’ in Dadae Dong, at the mouth of the NakDong River



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