Mostly settled in.

I am typing this from our new apartment in Busan, so clearly the move was at least mostly successful.  I am still learning about the city and how to find stuff.  I took my son to Nampodong today and we had ice cream and visited a few bookstores and a Frisbee store.  The bookstores weren’t anything special and I haven’t found any with a good selection of English books.  One in Seomyeon has an okay selection but mostly they are based on screenplays or the movie were based on them.  What the Book, based in Seoul but delivering anywhere in Seoul should not feel threatened.

The Frisbee store does not sell frisbees.  It is an Apple store (did everyone else know that?) and I will be taking my mouse in to see if they can clean out the scroll wheel.  I looked at the new magic mouse with the touch sensitive surface and no moving part to get gummed up but 89,000 won is more than I can afford, at the moment anyway.

I need to check out local healthclubs and find out about pools and skating rinks in Busan.  Well, I would like to do those things.  I really need to find daycare for my son starting Friday.  I suppose I need more furniture for the apartment and other sundries to feel comfortable inside.



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