Learning how to teach how to learn…and more

I’m away from my regular computer and mostly learning how to use WordPress.  I am using IE, so I don’t have spell check – up on the tightrope without a net!

The title is something I want to do as an ESL teacher – learn how to convince my students to learn.  Motivation is part of it, but also modern techniques in how people best learn things.  Some teachers I have worked with have their students write long lists of words – a page of maybe twenty words, each repeated for one line:

shop shop shop shop shop shop

bargain bargain bargain bargain

discount discount discount …

That’s not something I want to do (unless I learn that it works – I shouldn’t let my prejudices control me).

One thing this blog will clearly be about is my work to become a better teacher.  Also, as befitting the title of this blog, I will describe new things, surprises I come across.  I will soon live in Busan; I lived near Busan twelve years ago.  What is new and different about it?  Finally, I will dispense comments, complaints and hopefully compliments about life in Korea and, well, whatever else I choose.  There are issues I will cover frequently; but I will not be limited by them.



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